Voting Rights & Election Administration


Out of 50 states, Pennsylvania ranks 31st in ease and accessibility of voting – setting it apart from other neighboring states such as New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and West Virginia, all of which rank in the top 50%. Many factors contribute to making voting easier or harder to do, including:

  • Pre-registration laws
  • Voter registration restrictions
  • Voter registration drive restrictions
  • Registration deadline
  • Availability of automatic Voter Registration
  • Level of voting inconvenience
  • Voter ID Laws
  • Poll hours
  • Early voting days
  • Absentee Voting

Across the Commonwealth – across region, ethnicity, class, gender and race – we believe voting should be easy for everyone.

Through Pennsylvania Voice’s Voting Rights & Election Administration campaigns, partners have convened together to protect their community’s access to voting by strategically pushing back against harmful tactics like strict Voter ID laws and shifting the narrative by focusing on more proactive policies that increase access to the ballot for all.