Civic Engagement


One of the ways we improve the democratic system in Pennsylvania is by enhancing the participation of ordinary people in the decision-making process. Pennsylvania Voice approaches this work holistically by reducing the BIPOC voter registration gap, educating voters on their rights, and increasing turnout in elections. 

The Pennsylvania Voice Civic Engagement Department facilitates decision-making, planning, and execution of goals within the Integrated Voter Engagement Workgroup, composed of grassroots base-building organizations working in priority areas statewide.

Through Integrated Voter Engagement—the seamless and continuous coordination of electoral, base-building, and issue advocacy strategies—our coordinated programs help build the capacity of community-based organizations to produce more habitual voters and establish themselves as leaders on key issues impacting their communities. 

Our long-term goal is to scale up the civic engagement infrastructure in Pennsylvania so our partners can continue to win progressive victories. To be effective, we must strengthen powerbuilding organizations–organizations working towards systems change–across the state.